Cuisinart BBQ review

Submitted by admin on Tue, 08/22/2017 - 23:20

The Cuisinart BBQ is exclusively sold at Canadian Tire.

There are 3 different models: the standard one, one with a side burner and one with infrared rotisserie.

Interestingly, Canadian Tire also sell Coleman BBQs which the construction is very similar to the Cuisinart BBQs. This lead us to believe that the Cuisinart BBQs and the Coleman BBQs are in fact manufactured by the same company, at Canadian Tire request and with some marketing deals with Cuisinart and Coleman companies. Another hint that leads us to believe this is that the Cuisinart BBQ does not share the same homepage as all other Cuisinart products. It has a distinct web page,, which happen to be almost identical to the web page.

That being said, Cuisinart BBQs don't seem to be engineered and manufactured by Cuisinart, but since Cuisinart is a great company with high quality products, they would probably ensure a product is high quality before putting their name on it. So it got our attention and we though it would deserve a review.

The assembly of the BBQ was simple and straight forward. We won't spend a lot of time reviewing its construction because after all, we usually keep a BBQ for many years and the degree of difficulty of assembly really does not mater.

Cooking:  This BBQ is simply great. Heat - Heat - Heat !  Plenty of Heat. Heat is the most important factor in successfully cooking meat on a BBQ. Many BBQs don't produce enough Heat, forcing the cook to close the cover during cooking. This is extremely bad, because meat need to be seared, not boiled. By closing the cover the top part of the piece will start to cook before it is seared. With the Cuisinart BBQ, we sere able to leave the cover open and it would produce enough heat that we could sear the first side for a few minutes, then turn it and the BBQ would still have enough heat to properly sear the second side.

This is an excellent BBQ and we highly recommend it.


Cuisinart BBQ review

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