Salt Water Pool Maintenance

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Swimming pool using salt chlorinator is a pure charm. I converted my pool couple of years ago and it reduce its maintenance to almost zero!

Image removed.Before, I had to add chlorine every two days (or everyday with hot temperature). Also, I had to check PH level and adjust it every 2 or 3 weeks. I have tried a floater with pucks inside it but this lead to a disaster

With the salt chlorinator, which I installed myself (see <a href=pool-salt-chlorinator-installation>How to install a salt chlorinator</a>), I just have to monitor the salt and PH level once in a while and that's it. And when I say that's it, it is really it: I monitor chemistry about every month, and I have to do some adjustments every two months or so.

I check the Salt level which is reported by the Salt Chlorinator control box and add salt if necessary. No salt is lost or consumed during the sanitization process. The only salt that is lost is from backwash and splash of water outside the pool. Even evaporation does not cause salt to be lost because off course, only pure water evaporate, not he salt that it contains. In general, I need to add about one 20 kg bag of salt every 3 months.

I check the PH level using the standard test kit. Salt Chlorination has a tendency of slowly increasing the PH level, so every month or so, I need to reduce PH a little.

For the Chlorine level, Unless it is very hot for many days in a row, I usually don't need to monitor it. This is adjusted once on the salt chlorinator control box. On my Hayward unit, there is a little knob to control the percentage of chlorine generation. It takes a couple of days to adjust, You have to set it, and then wait a day or so and test the chlorine level in the pool. If too high or too low, you increase of decrease the chlorine generation level on the salt chlorinator control box, wait another day and test again. This takes some time, but it only need to be done once and it almost never changed. Only when there is hot or cold temparature for several days in a row, you can increase or decrease the level of chlorine generation on the control unit. When temperature goes back to normal, you know what the normal setting was and you just set it back to the normal level.

Swimming pool with salt chlorinator is very easy to maintain. It require almost no maintenance. I strongly recommend to convert to it.


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